Implementing the Open Minds Education Concept in Your Community – a guide

Gillian Kydd 2008

This is a comprehensive guide that includes theory and practical help with items such as site proposals, time lines, choosing teachers, setting up a classroom, and how to help teachers.

Download the Handbook here


Writing Achievement Research

Cathy Cochrane (2000). Creating thoughtful writers: A study of the Campus Calgary/Open Minds program

Cathy Cochrane showed through a carefully crafted research project with 12 Grade Three classrooms, that writing achievement was an astounding four times greater with students who had taken part in the program compared with those who didn’t.


Writing and Drawing

The following short videos could help teachers to teach the important skills of writing and drawing before they come to your site. Please feel free to send these links to teachers (they are very basic and a work in progress but are perhaps useful).

BTCN Writing Instruction

BTCN Drawing Instruction