How to Start a Site

Would you like to have more information on how to bring this concept to your site or your community?
The program is not a “franchise” but there are some principle elements that make this a very
powerful model in education:

  • The classroom teachers have ownership of the entire process. They plan a long-term study at
    school that uses the week at the site as a catalyst. The week at the site is jointly developed
    and facilitated with the education staff at the facility.
  • The students are at the site for an extended period (preferably every day for a week).
  • The students are given time and choice.
  • The focus is experiential hands-on learning.

Download Implementing the Open Minds Education Concept in Your Community. This handbook
will give you comprehensive information on how to start a program. It covers, for example,
possible time-lines, what has to be in place, samples of week schedules, letters to teachers,
teacher proposals and many student writing and drawing samples.

Contact Gillian Kydd at for assistance with beginning a program.

Download the Handbook here